It happens to everyone – the event is ready to go and then, suddenly, it is canceled. Follow this list of suggestions to make sure that the people who need to know about the change are informed.

What To Do

  1. Don’t panic. Take a deep breath.
  2. Call Food Services (on-campus is 972-883-2269) and cancel your order.
  3. Call Facilities Management (972-883-2141) and cancel any set-up you requested.
  4. Contact Media Services (972-883-4900) and cancel your equipment and/or your Video Services reservation.
  5. If your event is large and community-wide, send an email to the faculty, staff, and/or students announcing the cancellation. Make sure to mention if the event will be rescheduled at a later date. If you notified any other people regarding the event, make sure to announce the cancellation.
  6. Contact the Campus Police at 972-883-2331 and let them know the event is canceled. Ask them to alert the guard in the Information Booth.
  7. Contact the person in charge of the room you reserved and cancel the meeting space. Do this as soon as possible. Other event planners will appreciate you opening up the space.
  8. Make a sign announcing the cancellation and post it near the event room.
  9. If you had your event posted to the Comet Calendar, contact the person who added the event and have them remove it.

Other Things To Consider

  • If you have a registration list, you will need to contact those who registered immediately. And if there was a change for the event, you will need to refund all registration fees.
  • If you have a block of rooms at a hotel, you will need to cancel that block. Review your contract with the hotel regarding any charges you will still be responsible for.
  • If you arranged for any ground transportation (rides to the airport or a bus for attendees), contact them to cancel.
  • If you arranged for any travel with Corporate Travel Planners, call them at 210-366-1142 and make sure they know about the cancellation.
  • If you arranged for any travel with Anthony Travel, call them at 512-617-8444 and make sure they know about the cancellation.